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I read a lot when I was a kid.  Sometimes I remember stuff I read as a kid, and dig it up to read it again.  This didn’t turn out so well with one series of books, which turned out to be really trite and badly edited, but I recently picked up a book I read ages ago and was very pleasantly surprised.  I have a bad habit, these days, of reading the same books over and over.  I’m so reluctant to pick up a new book out of a ridiculous fear that it will be a stupid or badly written story.  It’s kind of nice to pick up something I remember liking, but have otherwise completely forgotten.  It’s like getting something new.

Besides reading, I’ve been knitting.  I started a cardigan:

It’s knit from the collar down, and I’ve just separated the sleeves off from the main body.  If you don’t know knitting, know that this is kind of a big deal.  It means that all the hard stuff is done.  And it happened fast–I haven’t knit anything this quick in ages!

I’m also knitting some fingerless gloves for John:

The color in this photo isn’t right.  I should work on these more… I’m halfway done with the pair.

And then I’m ALSO knitting some stockings (understand that the word “also” means these things are all on the needles, not that I’m actually knitting on them at any given time):

Unfortunately, these stockings require the set of needles I’m using for John’s gloves.

I have other projects on the needles, but they’re all stalled for various reasons.  I’m knitting a sweater for Janie, but am unhappy with having used garter stitch.  I’m nerving myself up to ripping it back and starting over.  I think I’m going to adapt the Rosamund’s Cardigan pattern for her… but that’s going to require some math and bits of paper to write it all down, which I’ll have to keep track of and that’s kind of a lot of work when I have all this other stuff going on.