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Wallace Falls

I went hiking with Kinnan today and it was such a beautiful day for it.  I’d almost forgotten how nice it is to hike in the not-rain.

We headed out to Wallace Falls at 8:30 and had an easy drive to the trail.  We ended up being really glad that we left as early as we did, because things got crowded on our way back down the trail.  Wallace Falls is a very popular hike, due to being relatively close to town and having some pretty extraordinary waterfalls.  The trail itself is quite scenic, especially as Spring is here and everything is growing again and it’s still early  in the year and cool enough that there weren’t bugs to contend with.

There’s something to be said here about expectations.  After hearing and reading so much about Wallace Falls, I was surprised at how pretty it was.  It was easier than I was expecting too, so I had the double pleasure of not killing myself on the climb and enjoying the scenery.

Apparently, he didn't know that falling can be deadly.