into the woods, and back out again

Dear Diary…

Oh, poor neglected blog!

The thing about leaving something like this for two whole months is that there’s always the urge to recap the time I’ve been gone.  I even used to do it in my paper journals, when I still kept them, even though no one but me ever read them (thank goodness!)  So let’s suffice it to say that I’ve been working, and doing laundry and tending to children.  There.  Recap done.

I read Bleak House by Charles Dickens a while back.  That’s a long book, people.  It hasn’t taken me so long to finish a book since I read Gone With the Wind, nearly 10 years ago.  I actually took a three day break from Bleak House at one point, and read three paperbacks before going back.  It is a marathon of a book, no doubt about it.

Still, I really enjoyed it.  I was kind of glad I’d seen the mini-series (with Gillian Anderson–SO good), so that I had a good idea about the plot.  My habit is to rush through a book to find out what happens, and then read it over to enjoy it… and I just didn’t have the endurance for that with this one.  At the same time, having seen the mini-series spoiled a bit of the suspense, since I already knew who the villains were, who would live and who would die.  The book is full of long, descriptive passages, which (it turns out) is typical of Dickens–I’ve read other books by him and never picked up on that, or maybe I’d forgotten, and I’m not usually a fan of long descriptive passages about the scenery, but this time… I liked it.  I love how the weather almost becomes a character itself–the fog in London, the rain at Chesney Wold, and the sunshine at Bleak House.

So that was good.

I finished a scarflet for a girl at work.  I kept putting it down, for some reason, and then one day I decided I was going to just push on through the rest of it (thinking I had quite a ways to go) and then it turned out I only had a couple of inches left to knit and the buttons to sew on and then it was done!

I haven’t gone hiking in some time, but I’m determined that the next time I go hiking in the cold, I will have all the right layers.  I typically get too hot from walking, so I’ll take off my sweater, but having just a t-shirt on leaves my arms bare and they get cold… so I’ll put the sweater back on and then I’m too hot.  The solution is clearly arm warmers.  So I dug through my stash–specifically the section of the stash I inherited from Jill (there’s some really yummy stuff in there!) and came out with some variegated blue and brown stuff that was pretty soft.  Made it partway through the cable pattern I picked out, and realized that it wasn’t showing up at all because of the variegation of the yarn.  Started again with some solid navy yarn… finished one chart entirely, then became convinced I was going to run out of that color before I had two arm warmers.  Started again with some Noro: striping together two colors to make sure I had enough–and was getting along quite swimmingly when I realized this was actually going to be MORE yarn than I needed and I was going to end up with odd bits of Noro left over, which would undoubtedly then not be enough to make something else.

SO.  I finally wound up using one ball of Noro for the first arm warmer, which is finished.  The one ball was exactly enough, which is handy, since I have one ball in the same colorway to make the second arm warmer.  I’ve nearly memorized the cable pattern, which is convenient, but have not yet gone through it so many times that I’m sick of it.

The changing colors do obscure the cable pattern a little bit… just enough to make it a little mysterious, I think, but it also makes it difficult to photograph.  Did okay here, but I couldn’t get a picture with the thing on my actual arm.  When they’re both done, I’ll have someone else get a picture, hopefully when I’m out hiking in them.


2 responses

  1. Arm warmers. Clearly.


    Also I like that you like your arm warmers to “be a bit mysterious.”

    Good job hitting on each of your three topics!! It’s good to read you around here 🙂

    March 14, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    • Would it not be clear to anyone else that the answer to all my problems is armwarmers??

      Mysterious like the forest, you know 🙂

      I like to be thorough. It would have been awesome if I could’ve incorporated the reading in with the hiking and the knitting… maybe I should have read the book out in the woods!

      March 14, 2013 at 8:19 pm

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