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here comes the sun

9 a.m.  The sun is shining and the weather is cool enough that I can throw back the curtains without worrying about how hot the sun is going to make the house.  We’ve all had breakfast; I have virtually no plans, and the day stretches ahead with nearly unlimited potential.

Yesterday morning, I was sitting on my back porch and remembering how long the days were when I was a teenager, and how much I could do in a day.  We’d walk forever to get somewhere, hang out forever while we were there, and then spend forever walking home again.  And that would be after we’d spent most of the day in school.  I realize that memory is a tricky thing and there’s a lot that I’m forgetting, but I do remember that time moved a lot slower back then.  I figured out the other day that Trader Joe’s is just a mile from my house and once upon a time it would have been no bother to walk that distance.  Now?  Forget about it, I don’t have that kind of time.  I’m taking the car.