into the woods, and back out again


a sock

I have a sock and a sweater in the bag I carry around.  The sweater is a black cotton-linen blend, knit from the top down.  I’ve separated off the sleeves and am working my way down the body.  I’m not posting a picture of it, because black yarn is hard to photograph properly, but it’s going to be a nice light-weight sweater for when I’m chilly but need something that isn’t bulky.

The sock is the second in the pair.  I think this is the third time I’ve knit up this particular yarn, but I’ve finally found a stitch count and gauge that causes it to stripe up in a way that I really like.  The yarn is called “Bart and Louise in the Garden”.  I wonder if it’s hard to name yarn colors.

I’m doing a really nifty heel for these socks.  I like the way a heel flap looks, but I hate what the gusset decreases do to a variegated yarn.  The stripes get all off track and the instep looks different from the whole rest of the sock and sometimes the foot doesn’t get back on track to match the leg.  I don’t always love short-row heels, though, because they aren’t as roomy as heel flaps and the instep ends up a bit snug.  The perfect compromise is a band heel–I think it’s also called a strap heel.  It looks like a heel flap and is as roomy, but doesn’t require a gusset to decrease back down to the correct number of stitches, which means the striping pattern of my variegated yarn isn’t significantly disrupted.  The only thing I don’t love is how the sock looks when it’s not on the foot, but mostly you’re looking at a sock when it’s being worn.

Of course, it’s been a while since I did the last one, so I have to figure it all out again when I finish with the leg of this second one.

The difficulty right now is that my job is wearing me out.  I take my knitting to work, and it sits in my bag… I’m too tired at lunch to do anything more than stare at the wall.  I bring my knitting home, and it sits in my bag… if I can even muster the energy to watch t.v., I’m doing pretty good.  Helping to open this new store is challenging in ways I didn’t expect.

So, there’s still this trick of having a life outside of work that I’m trying to figure out.


Rosamund: the finish

I’ve had this sweater, the Rosamund cardigan, knitted for a few weeks now.  I was apprehensive about the size, since I knit it with negative ease and it was a little… um, snug… before I blocked it out.  Yesterday would have been a good day to have this sweater to wear, though, so I wove in the ends, soaked it in the tub, then spread it out on my blocking boards.  This morning, I put it on, still damp, and am now basically blocking it on my body.  I had gambled that the wool would loosen up with water and I was (thankfully!) right.  It fits perfectly and all I have left is to figure out the hook & eye closures.

Of course, my bathroom is too dark to get a good sense of just how fabulous it is, but in the sunlight, it’s a lot more golden:


I read a lot when I was a kid.  Sometimes I remember stuff I read as a kid, and dig it up to read it again.  This didn’t turn out so well with one series of books, which turned out to be really trite and badly edited, but I recently picked up a book I read ages ago and was very pleasantly surprised.  I have a bad habit, these days, of reading the same books over and over.  I’m so reluctant to pick up a new book out of a ridiculous fear that it will be a stupid or badly written story.  It’s kind of nice to pick up something I remember liking, but have otherwise completely forgotten.  It’s like getting something new.

Besides reading, I’ve been knitting.  I started a cardigan:

It’s knit from the collar down, and I’ve just separated the sleeves off from the main body.  If you don’t know knitting, know that this is kind of a big deal.  It means that all the hard stuff is done.  And it happened fast–I haven’t knit anything this quick in ages!

I’m also knitting some fingerless gloves for John:

The color in this photo isn’t right.  I should work on these more… I’m halfway done with the pair.

And then I’m ALSO knitting some stockings (understand that the word “also” means these things are all on the needles, not that I’m actually knitting on them at any given time):

Unfortunately, these stockings require the set of needles I’m using for John’s gloves.

I have other projects on the needles, but they’re all stalled for various reasons.  I’m knitting a sweater for Janie, but am unhappy with having used garter stitch.  I’m nerving myself up to ripping it back and starting over.  I think I’m going to adapt the Rosamund’s Cardigan pattern for her… but that’s going to require some math and bits of paper to write it all down, which I’ll have to keep track of and that’s kind of a lot of work when I have all this other stuff going on.